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Dental prosthetic restorations zirconia blocks
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    Bodas Zirconia

    The white zirconia is a metal-free material for the aesthetic restoration that is certified biocompatible, extremely durable material used in dentistry today.

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    Preshaded Zirconia

    Bloomzir® preshaded zirconia is popular with dental laboratories due to the time-savings and shade consistency the base shade provides.

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    Multilayer Zirconia

    Multilayer zirconia prosthetic materials for CAD/CAM by technicians and provided the amazing outlook to the dental labs.

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    3D Pro Multilayer Zirconia

    3D Pro multilayer zirconia is available for VITA 16 shades plus 4 bleach shades which can cover the aesthetics requirements from those technicians and clinicians. Providing a natural-looking and long-lasting restoration that can function as real teeth.

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  • Preshaded
  • Multilayer
  • 3D ProNEW!

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Bloomzir Zirconia Applications

Dental prosthetic restorations made from zirconia may be obtained using the CAD/CAM technology
Posterior Crown
Posterior Crown

High strength can enable zirconia to be durable

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Arch lengkep
Arch lengkep

3D Pro multilayer one advantage is its strength and durability. Consider how much force your back teeth exert on the food that you chew.

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